About Us

RTA offers workspace tools, equipment, and consumables … and where applicable, related, supporting services. Our solutions are tailored to meet the ever increasing and complex demands of the contemporary working environment. RTA focuses on ICT, Document Processing and Management; Work-space Management; Technology; and, Work-space Health and Hygiene.

When it was said,  ‘if you want to walk fast, go alone ... if you want to walk far, go with others’, we at RTA listened.  We have partnered with select brands to create an ecosystem of mutual benefit and excellence in customer experience. Our brand names are tried and tested in their promise of care, service and value creation. 

Allow us to take a long walk with you.

RTA is proudly South African. Since 2010 so owned and managed.

Our Capability Statement

RTA provides comprehensive service in all areas of work space productivity. We offer value-laden services through expertise and undivided customer care. Through our partnerships, we have access to networks of support, experience, and solutions.

Value Proposition

Mission To provide comprehensive work space management solutions through brand leadership, innovation and technological leadership so as to empower clients to attain their objectives.

In support of this, RTAOS is dedicated to:
- The achievement of service quality that meets or surpasses the expectations of customers. 
- The employment of technology and alternative knowledge systems to enhance customer utility. 

Our Values And Principles

RTA is committed to providing excellent service. Our relationships, business processes and conduct are inspired by: 
- Respect and Trust.
- Equity and Fairness. 
- Integrity and Honesty. 
- Courtesy and Commitment. 
- Transparency and Openness.

Our guiding principles encapsulate the following: 
- Promoting a service ethic that is focused on meeting the needs of the customer. 
- Investing in our people in a way that enhances performance and promotes job enrichment and self-development. 
- Suitably recognizing and rewarding performance of high quality. 
- Empowering staff by encouraging innovation and knowledge-sharing in a supportive learning environment. 
- Communication and sharing information regularly with staff and clients.
- Participation in constructive community activities, and, the development of positive collective spirit.
- Care for and protection of the natural environment.